3D Scan

Why a 3D scan?

 Diagnostic CT scans are useful for a variety of reasons:


  • To examine a patient’s suitability for dental implants

  • To examine the available bone depth, width and density prior to oral or implant surgery.

  • To find the ideal anatomical area to place an implant, thus avoiding sinuses & nerve canals.

  • To examine the proximity of an impacted tooth or 3rd molar in relation to surrounding nerves and anatomical structures of caution.

  • To examine the sinus cavities in 3 a dimesional view.

  • To assess the need for a sinus floor augmentation or sinus graft.

  • To assess for  vertical root fractures that may not be visible on standard dental radiographs. 

  • To investigate any damage resulting from previous root canal treatment.

  • For an accurate assessment where there are legal issues or claims pending

3D Scan Dental