dental implants - full denture implants

Why choose implants?

If you, like many people, have lost one or more teeth, the unpleasant consequences may lead to an unattractive smile, embarrassment from loose dentures, pain, difficulty with eating, and a less social lifestyle.


In many situations, a dental implant is the most pleasingly aesthetic solution for replacing the missing tooth, as weel as the most comfortable from a functional perspective.


An all-ceramic dental crown or dental bridge, secured to a dental implant, provides a complete and beautiful solution for improving your smile.

dental implants - full denture implants

Why replace missing teeth?

Tooth extraction is quite common due to poor dental health and gum disease, and even due to trauma. Leaving the missing tooth space empty may not sound too serious, but the consequences of leaving a space from the missing tooth can include:


  • The teeth adjacent to your missing tooth can change position to fill the gap by tilting or over-erupting; 


  • The loss of your missing tooth’s root can cause your jawbone to shrink, making your face appear prematurely older; and,


  • A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.

  • Finally, it becomes more difficult to chew your food or eat, and enjoying your food becomes compromised.