Implant treatment planning
State of the Art Digital Dental Solutions  using Digital Scanners and Digital CT radiographs 

We have  invested in a cutting-edge new treatment technology that combines  CEREC  digital impressions using a camera, with 3D x-ray/ CT Scan data to treatment plan your implants. (CEREC and Galileos)

With this state of the art  method, implant planning is now a streamlined process, from understanding the mouth’s current situation right through to planning for the implant placement.

Merging information from the 3D cone-beam x-ray imaging of the teeth and jaw and the CEREC digital impression/model of the teeth, we can digitally plan new implant and tooth replacements to precisely fit  individual circumstances.

With the CEREC system we can then custom-make drill guides for implants (Cerec Mill Guide 2) that will fit into ideal positions for the desired final result, giving you better, more aesthetic  implant tooth replacements.

One of the greatest advantages of combining CEREC and GALILEOS is that it allows us to have implant guides custom-made on site, specifically for each patient.


With these guides implants can be placed with great precision, reducing the possibility of errors and eliminating the need for scalpels or stitches.


Instead, it is possible to utilise a key-hole approach, with its consequent easy and rapid healing.


What does it mean for patients?
“Minimal Surgery , no stitiches and  quick healing "
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