What to expect

Initial Appointment


At your initial appointment, we will take a full medical and dental history.


We carry out an extensive examination  to aid in our oral health screening in order to diagnose your current oral health status, the cause of any problems, as well as screen you for oral cancer.

We will complete 3D scans of your teeth and mouth, and a 3D CBCT radiographic scan for diagnostic data, to  assess all your treatment options.


We will provide you with a visual explanation and written estimate and explanation  of treatment clearly stating the associated costs and expected appointments to achieve your required result.

Surgical appointment


Once the treatment plan has been formulated , we will commence the accepted treatment by initally providing the implant surgery.


The surgery can be completed under local anaesthesia or Intravenous Sedation , if you are anxious about your treatment.


THe procedure is compeleted with minimal discomfort, and you will be discharged with post operative care instructions and any required medication or pain relief.

We will review you as required and allow a period of healing prior to placing the prosthesis (crown/bridge/denture).


If we are able to provide teeth in a day, your teeth will be placed the same day, and the final definitive teeth will be provided later.

Prosthetic appointment/s.


Once the implant/s is/are ready to restore, we will the commence with digital scans/ impressions and prepare the new teeth.


At the subsequent appointment/s, we will place your new teeth and complete any required fine adjustments.



That's it! Minimal fuss with a beautiful smile solution!!